Happy Easter Sealy Fans!

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Hooray it's Easter!

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For many South Africans, Easter Sunday is a great day of celebration. Whilst Good Friday is about great sacrifice and suffering, Easter Sunday is a chance to recognise new life and offer and receive forgiveness.

In our home, the day starts with a church service to celebrate Christ conquering death. Thereafter, all are rewarded with fresh hot-crossed buns and tea.

By 11am, the entire extended family has amalgamated and the youngest members are off on great Easter egg hunts that are fill of chocolate, sugar and giant bunny paw prints.

Lunch follows with a variety of traditional Easter meals being devoured- delicious roast lamb with mint jelly, pickled fish, more hot cross buns and deviled eggs are some of what our Easter holiday is made of.

Despite devouring the eggs from the hunt, dessert is always required and never disappoints. Here are a host of Cool Easter ideas to choose from.

How does Easter Sunday play out in your home? We would love to here you stories.




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