Happy New Year!

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The entire cast of this blockbuster started in community theatre.

I know that most of you have already made your resolutions and I am one of you in that sense. My first resolution is to finish the Shanduka Coal Middleburg fun run  that is going to be happening on the 28th of January this year, thereafter 2012 is going to be about getting more involved in my community. We all have to work to meet the structures and government halfway, sitting and waiting is not an option because we all know what is said about idle hands. This is what you can do in your area if community participation and uplifting your community are one of your resolutions...


Food security is still a big issue in our country and we can’t expect children to function well when the most basic of their needs is unfulfilled. If you’re a grow-your-own fiend like I am then you could donate whatever you have leftover from the garden to a local school nutrition programme. Most of us know someone who knows someone who owns a bakery or works at Pick ‘n’ Pay or the local garage. Approach a few local businesses, find out what happens to their bread and rolls at the end the day. Collect it, get a couple of friends together and make sarmies for the local school or provide bread and soup on cold days. A canned goods drive is still king of all nourishment programmes, try it.


There are many public schools whose computer labs are collecting dust because they can’t afford to hire an IT lecturer, why don’t you and a couple of friends volunteer to teach computer literacy to a class of matrics over the weekend? Two-hour sessions for a couple of weeks should give them basic knowledge. If public speaking and creative writing are your area of expertise then why not give a few workshops on that? Give a talk about your career, the truth and where they can study, bursaries and marketability.

Life Skills:

Often the best thing you can give is your time, take a local child on a hike; you’ll be surprised what you’ll learn about them, about yourself and about life. Sometimes all we need to know is that someone cares. Join an organisation like Big brothers and Big sisters , mentor a child from your neighbourhood. Mentor that problem child whom everyone is always talking about, the one who always reminds you of yourself before you met your mentor.

Make this a year of change.


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