Happy Women’s Day!

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In celebration of the fairer sex here are some interesting facts about women in 2014...

Wealthiest woman: CHRISTY WALTON

world's richest woman copy

Christy Walton (widow of John Walton) is the richest woman in the world with a net worth of $36.7 BILLION.

Of the top 100 wealthiest people in the world, 10% are women. This is the highest proportion thus far but still needs some work...


Photo courtesy of Forbes





Most powerful woman: ANGELA MERKEL

angela merkel copy

Angela Merkel is Germany's Chancellor.

The first woman to hold this title and one of the 'masterminds' behind the creation of the European Union. She holds her own alongside Europe's male dominated leadership.

Photo courtesy of Time.






Biggest Giver: MELINDA GATES

melinda gates copy

Bill Gate's wife beats Oprah to the top here.

In 2013, alone, she handed out $3.4 BILLION in charitable donations. And she is not happy to write checks. Melinda gives of her time as freely as she gives of her wealth.One of her favourite places to give? Sub-saharan Africa. Yes please!

 Photo courtesy of The Guardian.


World's sexiest woman: JENNIFER LAWRENCE

J-Law copy

Voted as FHM's sexiest woman in the world, Jennifer Lawrence AKA J-Law, is a pretty face most women will approve of. She is an Oscar winner (for her role as Katniss in Hunger Games); has an average BMI and encourages girls to be themselves.

She is well-known for being pro-eating in a hungry Hollywood: "I don't really diet or anything. I'm miserable when I'm dieting and I like the way I look. I'm really sick of all these actresses looking like birds... I'd rather look a little chubby on camera and look like a person in real life, than look great on screen and look like a scarecrow in real life".

Photo courtesy of The Chive.




Oldest living woman: MISAO OKAWA

misao copy

Misao Okawa, was born on 5 March 1898, in Japan.

She is currently 116 years old and the oldest living person in the world! She appears to be quite a character. Her secret to a long, healthy life? Sleep and sushi!

She has lived through three centuries. Wowzers.

Photo courtesy of News.com





Here are some other interesting figures for the more average women in SA.

Average life expectancy: Global average = 73.2 years. SA average = 63 years (thanks to HIV and other preventable diseases like TB). Women live longer than men in all countries except Qatar, Tonga, Tuvalu and Kuwait.

Greatest causes of death: According to the World Health Organisation, one third of women die due to cardiovascular diseases like ischemic heart disease and stroke. IN SA, HIV and TB are the leading causes of death. For more see this interactive chart.

The two leading determinants to living longer in a developing country like ours? Access to clean water and literacy.

Literacy: According to the World Bank, the literacy rate for women in SA, aged 15 - 24 years, is 99%. Really? That's great news.

Employment: According to STATS SA, 27.5% of women are unemployed compared to 23.8% of men as of the second quarter of 2014.

Average age to get married: According to STATS SA, in 2011, 30% of women got married aged 25 - 29 years.

Here is to a Happy Women's Day for all. I hope you find yourself some sleep, generosity, sexiness and sushi!


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