Hello, Autumn

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This might just turn out to be merely wishful thinking on my part but I think we might almost rid of summer! Don't get me wrong, I enjoy sunshine and the optimism it spills into the air but I'm just about tired of seeing denim shorts and flat sandals. Summer makes us all lazy because everything about it is easy.

As a fashion lover autumn is the one time I get to play and express myself. In summer I have to let my hair down, whether I like it or not -- or I'd melt. In winter I need to bulk of and inevitably wear coats that cover my daily outfits. In fact, I really haven't the patience to dress up in winder. As long as I wear a pretty boot, I'm happy.

Autumn on the other hand...

1. You get to wear light and chunky knits. And you get to flaunt them because the weather is still pretty excellent.

2. You get to wear flirty dresses and skirts with or without tights. You get to wear wear your lightest tights with shorts and maybe a scarf.

3. It's cold enough to justify you in running in and out of buildings and eating hearty soups but it's still warm enough to eat on the pavement tables of restaurants and to go out with friends.

4. Autumn (and spring) are very conducive to running. I never run in he summer and I find winter too cold to do anything, let alone running. So in the three months we'll have the season I hope to get a lot of jogging done.

5. The evenings are beautiful and waking up in the morning is still bearable.

I would also like to take a moment to wish all women, our readers and the women of this community a special and very happy International Women's day.

Cheers to the weekend!


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