Help Your Studying Teen Sleep Better

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I've mentioned before that this is my son's final year of high school, which means the marks he leaves with are pretty much for life. He's been a solid B student throughout his high school career but is hoping to improve on this and leave as an A student. This has meant cutting back on some of his sports and joining several study groups. Hubby and I are even helping pay a tutor to help with his economics average. I never thought I'd one day say this but during the first term I was concerned because it seemed that school had become too much of  a priority for him.

Hubby and I have always encouraged our children to do their best and they'll become whatever they want to be in life. This is exactly what my son is doing -- putting in a little more hard work in order to be the student he wants to be. But when it seemed that he was sacrificing his sleep, a great key to his concentration ad well-being began to worry. What use was studying if he fell asleep during an exam or was tired that he ended up oversleeping or not remembering any of what he had studied?

After much compromise and tinkering with his schedule we managed to fix so that he gets at least seven hours worth of sleep, even if he goes to bed at 11PM during school nights. I also hope that he'll take these newly learnt coping skills and sleep pattern to university with him next year as students are some of the most sleep deprived people in the world.

Some reasons why sleep is important for your studying teen:

1. Not getting enough sleep limits their abilities to learn, concentrate or remember what they do learn.

2. A good night's sleep helps your teen feel energised, refreshed, positive and ready to learn.

3. It helps them be more well-rounded people because as we all know: all work and no play is never good for anyone.

4.  Sleep is a great contributor to memory. If your studying teen gets enough sleep then they're bound to remember more. Always study smart.

How do you help your studying teen sleep better during exams? Please share in the comments.

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