Here’s to a blessed Easter friday!

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In case you haven't realised yet - April is a cracker of a month! It is chock-a-block FULL of both public holidays and chocolate. If you caught onto this a while ago, you probably have some leave booked or at the very least a few long weekends planned (as well as a few boxes of Easter eggs stashed). This probablyly feels like a well-deserved break after slogging through the first quarter of the year, although we hope that thanks to all the sleep tips you are feeling well-rested and perky and finding life a lot easier to manage with a little more shut eye.

If you are going away, here are some tips a la Sealy!

  • Step away from the technology. To feel like you really have had a break consider going unplugged for the weekend. Your family and friends will love receiving your full attention and you will find it far easier to tune out if you are not checking your emails every few hours. Be brave! Disconnect in order to truly connect with the people that matter.
  • Avoid drowsy driving. Have a look at the best days, times, routes to get to your destination safely and without the unnecessary stress of traffic, break downs and road accidents.
  • Phone ahead and book your bed. Most hotels and BnBs offer a selection of bed options. Whilst the room you have is important, you want to make sure you get the bed you need too.
  • Remember that good sleep habits should go along for the ride. You'll hate life if you get back to work more tired and frustrated than when you left.

And if you aren't going way, that's no sweat. A stay-cation is always an option. Stay in your city, enjoy the empty roads and do all the 'touristy' things that are actually kinda cool.


To all our Christian customers - We wish you a blessed Easter Friday!  May you  find a chance to reflect, pray and give thanks for all you have received through Christ's death on the cross. We hope this will be a special time for you and your family.



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