Hilarious sleep tales

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Sleep standing

Sleep is seen as an unconscious state where we are not in control of what we do, say or dream. Folks have gotten up to all kinds of mischief whilst under the influence of a deep sleep. Some psychologists believe we may act out what is troubling us in our subconscious whilst many judges have acquitted those who claimed to be sleeping when they committed their crime.

There are those who regularly sleep walk, sleep drive, sleep talk and sleep swim. There are cases of people making art and making love in their sleep. There are even tales of people sleep showering, sleep gardening and sleep emailing or zzz-mailing as it has come to be known.

However, the sleep tale that gets me laughing uncontrollably is one I experienced first hand. As a newly wed it took some time adjusting as my husband experienced a number of sleep phenomenon. I had come to terms with his myoclonic jerks and the odd thump as he thought he was fighting off zombies. To add to my sleeping woes, we had neighbours prone to loud rows in the early hours. To circumvent this I bought us both the most effective earplugs I could find. The next morning he told me of a dream he had had where he was chewing and chewing a carrot but just couldn’t get through it. He said it had seemed so real to him. On making the bed I found a bright orange thread-bare earplug – the ‘carrot’ from his dream! He had really given that carrot a go.

Do you have any of your own hilarious sleep tales to share with our Sealy sleep community?

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