His and Hers Gifts

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"His and hers hiking sticks"

It seems like I no longer exist to my mother, all she ever talks about is le boyfriend. Even when making up her holiday gifts list at the very top was my niece James, the boyfriend and everybody else with my name tacked on next the boyfriend's. If I didn't already have two brothers I would be convinced that she missed the presence of a son figure.

He, of course relishes all this attention and love. She's not the only one, even my brothers come to visit with hopes that they find him at my home or that he'll come while they are there. Regardless, I still think  it's wonderful how well he gets along with my family.

Seeing as the only individual present I'm likely to receive will be cards and doodles from my Jamie (I'm still her number one) I thought I'd look into the world of His and Hers Gifts.

1. Books

This might seem odd but my family knows that when it comes to books, I'm not big on sharing. With The Great Gatsby being made into a film I think we've chewed off the ears of anyone that would listen about it. So I suspect that two copies of the book might be under the tree for boyfriend and I.

2. Cute & Quirky

I trust my sister-in-law to buy us something really sweet and cute, which will undoubtedly leave me embarrassed. She's wonderful. I'm Miss, not Mrs.


These are actually pillows but I emailed the picture to mother asking that if she must do a his and hers gift let it be biscuits that look like this. I didn't have enough of her treats this year.

Dear family, if you are reading this the best gift you've given me is your love and support, midnight snacks and laughter. The only thing I really want is for you (side eyeing brothers) to not ask what our intentions are . With lots of love,

Your daughter, sister and friendly blogger.

No pressure.


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