Holding on for Dear Life

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A state of affairs I could not survive

My husband isn't much of a snuggle machine, he revels at the idea of  us both having our own side of the bed.  Several studies have, however,  ruled in my favour proving that snuggling and sleeping in close proximity is good for health.

 Sure I get to cuddle him before we go sleep, lay my head on his chest for a while, but as soon as the lights go off it's back to your positions. I've made peace with this -- as much as he's had to make peace with the fact that on most nights my blanket hogging habits drag him all the way to my side of the bed. So I get what I want.

Some studies had previously suggested that women who sleep with a partner don't sleep as well as single women do. That the tossing and turning, different sleep patterns, battle for room temperature and other decisions (which only need compromise) make bedtime and bed stressful.

Here are the reasons hubby should be a wiling and happy participant in the act of snuggling:

1. Sleeping together is said to promote feelings of security;

2. Lowers levels of cortisol , a stress hormone with all the anxiety eased.

3. It helps lowers cytokines, which is the hormone involved in inflammation at the same time boosting oxytocin  the love hormone. Oxytocin is also produced in the same part of the brain that is vital to the sleep-wake cycle.

The sudy proved that women love the presence of a partner: "Women enjoy male presence psychologically even though it costs them minutes or even hours of sleep," according to John Dittami, a behavioral endocrinologist and biological rhythms specialist at the University of Vienna and the lead author of the study.

The same study proved that though women psychologically enjoy having a partner in bed with them, males are the ones who sleep better with a partner versus when they are alone.

I think the reason our sleeping relationship works as well as it does is that both hubby and I have accepted and do our best to accommodate the other's sleeping preference. Yes, even the false idea of "my side of the bed" helps.

Our sleep arrangements work perfectly for hubby and I, just more snuggling, I say.

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