Holiday Bunting

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I first came across the concept of using bunting as a decor element on this post from our sister blog The Furnishing Touch. Bunting traditionally uses paper 0r fabric to make a banner.

For as long as I can remember the family tradition has been to take any Christmas and holiday cards received over the festive period and put them on the mantle in the living room as well as them display in the glass display unit in the dining room.

I was looking for something new that I could make into a new holiday tradition as well as give my holiday decor a new layer of pizzazz. If you, much like myself,  are looking for a way to show off all the lovely (not to mention thoughtful) cards you've been receiving over this festive period then this is for you!

How to Make a Holiday Bunting:


1. String/ribbon

2. scissors

3. Nails/Pins/Glue


1. Measure the length of string you'll need to comfortably display your cards and cut it, keep in mind the length you'll have to tie onto your nails or pin/glue to the wall.

2. Hang up your string; above your Christmas tree or close to your stockings is best.

3. Hang all the holiday cards you've received on the piece of string and voila, you have yourself a unique piece of holiday decor.

Side Note

You can use other holiday decor elements i.e tiny trees and light ornaments to separate the cards on your bunting.

Please send me links to your pictures if you decide to use this idea! I would love to see how it works with your decor and I would also love to see the beautiful cards youve received.

Happy Holidays!



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