Honey, It’s amazing. The surprising health benefits of raw honey.

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Often we take little notice of the phenomenal things that surround us everyday. Birds, bees, flowers and trees work in harmony to make nature's gold. Raw honey is more than a sandwich filler, it's a wonder drug.

Here's how to use it wisely.

1. Use it as a wound dressing as you would an antiseptic lotion. Honey is a natural antiseptic and can help fight nasty bacteria, fungi and viruses. For minor wounds/burns, be sure to clean the wound well with soap and water then add a dollop of raw honey before sealing the wound. Change the dressing daily.

2. Use it as a throat lozenge. Down one teaspoon of honey combined with one teaspoon lemon juice regularly and you will find that your sore, scratchy throat will soon disappear. Look out for honey lolly pops which can be sucked on throughout the day.

3. Use it as an anti-histamine. Eating a spoonful of local raw honey daily will give great relief to those who suffer from pollen-related allergies great relief.

4. Use it as a moisturiser. Well, not the raw honey this time, but the remnants. Harvesting honey leaves behind bees wax which is an impressive salve for chapped lips, dry skin and eczema. It locks in moisture and contains no harsh ingredients that cause the skin to become stripped, like many lip balms on the market.

5. Use it as a cough syrup. Two teaspoons of honey 30 minutes before bed is said to alleviate a cough in children 1-6 years as effectively as pharmaceutical cough syrups.

6. Use it as a supplement to boost mental and physical energy. Honey is said to boost mental alertness as well as physical endurance and is promoted to those suffering brain fog as well as athletes wanting to go further. Honey provides a unique blend of fructose and glucose and promotes calcium absorption.

Let's have a great big bowl of yogurt and double up on the serving of honey!!


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