How a New Bed Can Improve Your Sleep

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The women of this blog have proven over the last few months we've been together on this blog sharing ideas and tips that we are passionate about our sleep; if only as a means to having the best Morning Afters and living our best possible lives. Our one constant has been our love for our Sealy beds. What I have realised is that in our quest for better sleep we constantly share tips, most of which come from The Better Sleep Council.

I"ll let you in on a secret, one of the reasons this blog exists is to let you, the reader, know that a good night's sleep is possible and that it's as close as you changing your mattress to a better one. Sometimes the solution is that simple.

A university study showed sleeping on a new mattress versus sleeping on a five (or more) years old one resulted in the following improvements:

70.8% in sleep comfort

62.0% in sleep quality

55.3% in back pain

50.7% in spine stiffness

We all know the kind of firmness, therefore comfort, levels we want but as with everything continued use changes and even depletes. If you've had your bed for over five years then it's past the comfort level for which you bought it in the first place.

My mattress is six years old and it's still comfortable...

No it's not, you've just gotten used to sleeping on it. In fact, it's likely that when you get into your side of the bed it sinks and coils into your shape. That's not a sign of a good bed, it's a sign of a worn one.  Here are a few other signs of a bed that's not serivng your body anymore:

1. You wake up stiff, pained and achy;

2. You can remember recently having a good night's sleep that wasn't on your bed.

3.  The mattress sags on your weight or had limps.

Now that you're at a point where you've accepted that your beloved bed has done all it can for you and you are ready for a new one it's time to go shopping! Considering that you're reading this blog, I know you're a Sealy girl. A while back our Pop Princess bought a new bed and this was the guide she put together based on her experince and tips from Better Sleep

I reccomdend that you do the S.L.E.E.P challenge:

Select a mattress.

Lie down in your typical sleep position.

Evaluate the level of comfort and support.

Educate yourself about each selection.

Partners should test beds together.

This is how a new bed can improve your sleep.

Do you have any bed buying tips? Please share.

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