How Celebrities sleep

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Do you remember in Cheaper by the Dozen when Bonnie Hunt's character  (Kate Baker, mother of 12) is doing her book tour and she misses her family  so much she requests that the hotel send up 12 pillow cases to her room so she feels like she is back home? That's the only way she would get a relaxed and proper sleep. Celebrities, like movie characters (and sometimes, regular folk) have strange sleeping habits and request to help them achieve just that.

Singer Mariah Carey (pre-dembabies) was known for her 15-hour sleep sessions. She was quoted as saying "that is the only way I am able to sing the way I want to." The general rule is that adults need eight hours of sleep, but if I was pampered like Mimi I would also take 15 hours of sleep. She is also said to keep about 20 humidifiers in her room, now we know how she keeps those golden vocal pipes in shape.

Rapper Eminem, or Slim Shady (as he is affectionately known to his fans) is said to request that the hotel rooms he stays in be sunlight free; that hotel staff use aluminum foil to block out any light and use the TV or sound system to play white noise in the room. White noise is the sound produced when different frequencies are combined.

In this article, medical practitioners say that Mr Shady has the right idea. That "white noise is soothing and easy to get used to. You don't need to have a sleeping problem to benefit from white noise in the background."

Though it was done as a part of Hollywood fad diet, Penelope Cruz admitted  (a few years ago) that she usually made it a point to sleep for 12 hours because when she's not awake she doesn't eat.

I certainly have taken notes: long sleep, not light in my dome and some white noise. Ok, maybe when I take my gap year after graduating I will investigate the benefits of 12 - 15-hour sleep.

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