How Do I Know I’m Not Sleeping Well?

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The biggest tell-tale sign that one isn't getting as much sleep as they need to get comes in the form of constant tiredness. Waking up each morning feeling like you never even went to sleep is another characteristic of not sleeping well, which is most often associated with having a bed that's well past its prime. Today I'll be bringing you more signs that you may not be getting the most of your time spent in bed and a few solutions to the problem.

Sleep depravations manifests itself in many areas of our lives demanding our attention. It's possibly your body's way of telling you that you need to cut back on other things and give yourself quality sleep time.

I'm irritable, I just want to bite everyone's heads off. All the time.

This is another sign that you're not getting a good night's sleep, especially if you've ruled out moontime stress or PMS. Your brain, much like your body, is probably tired. 7 - 8 hours of sleep are optimum  for melatonin production.

I can't concentrate and I always find it hard remembering things.

I'm one of those people who suffered from this symptom, along with the kind of tiredness that seems to never go away. I would write an appointment or task down on a post-it note and forget to check the post-its for to-do list items.

Sleeping isn't just for your body it's also for your mind -- you're giving both a chance to refuel and recover.

I keep falling asleep throughout the day.

This is symptom is second only to waking up feeling tired. There is no bigger sign really; if you're falling asleep at your desk or while at the park with the kids then you're not sleeping well. At all.

You can work to remedy the situation by making sure that your bed is the quality for the job, that your bedroom is a sleep-friendly environment and then start readjusting your sleeping patterns. A change of diet and exercising is always a added bonus.

Remember to do all exercises at least two hours prior to your bedtime.


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