How I’ve Been Keeping Fit: Home Workout Plans

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Hello 2013!

And the most important hello goes to you reading this. Though 2012 was a great year it was a busy and stressful one, with my final year of university. Writing on here was one of my favourite down-time things to do. My other favourite, before I got so busy I couldn't hear myself think, was exercising. When it became difficult/near impossible to go to gym or to go for a run this is what I did.

I had to go back to basics and for me that's home exercise. Things I could do while watching that episode of Real Housewives "to wind down" or while babysitting my nieces and nephew. Playtime with young kids is incredible exercise, it often left me so tired and reminded me why I had great metabolism when I was young.

When looking for great exercises tumblr and pinterest are your friends. There are other people out in the big internet world doing what you want to do and sharing it with the world. I'll only be going back to gym tomorrow after a long hiatus but I feel fit and there's absolutely no festive season guilt. OK, maybe a little extra serving of desert guilt.

These are a few of my favourite home workout plans:

Welcome to 2013!




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