I die at 83 years. When will you die?

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If you could know when you would die would you want to find out? It could feel a little creepy but it would be super useful. You could make sure that you got through your bucket list; said the necessary apologies and I love you's and spent your last cent on your last day.... no debt to burden the family and no inheritance for anyone to fight over.

Whilst we can't know for sure, I was intrigued and took this Life Expectancy quiz supplied at Health 24. Turns out that I will die at 83 whilst my husband is set to live til he is 86. That made me feel a little grumpy (how dare he outlive me!) but also made me realize that what we do now will determine so much in the years to come.

We all know that how you treat your motor vehicle has a huge impact on its life span. We wash our cars, get them serviced annually, put in the best oil and fuel and lock them up as best we can. But do we look after bodies as well as we do our vehicles? We should because our bodies will probably be with us far longer than any car we buy.

Our bodies need quality sleep, regular exercise and high quality fuel. They need those annual check-ups... dentist, doctor, optometrist. And they need rest - the higher the mileage the sooner something is going to break. Make your health a priority. Give the quiz a go and see how many years you have left.

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