How sleep helps your sexual function

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It's probably no big surprise to anyone that sucky sleep will take a big toll on your sex life. Who feels like making love when they're tired? And who feels like making love to a sleep-deprived, grumpy spouse?!

Sexual health tells us a lot about our general well-being - it gives us great insight into what is happening to our physical and emotional equilibrium. The key mechanism involved here is good old TESTOSTERONE.

Testosterone is produced in large quantities by the testes in males and in smaller doses by the ovaries in females. The less you sleep, the less testosterone your body makes. Males and females require testosterone for sexual health. In short? Less sleep, less testosterone, less sex.

But why?

There is a complex relationship between testosterone levels, sexual function and sleep disorders. Low testosterone is responsible for depression, weight-gain and poor libido. You're feeling unhappy, fat and not-in-the-mood plus you're likely to have erectile dysfunction and difficulty achieving orgasm.

It is normal for testosterone levels to decline with age and therefore, sexual dysfunction is more common as we get older.

So too is poor sleep.

If ever there was a good reason to sort out your sleep issues and age well, perhaps it is the promise of a healthy sex life? Follow our blog for the most up-to-date advice.

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Obstructive sleep apnea and chronic sleep deprivation can cause sexual dysfunction as they interfere with normal testosterone production.

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