How sleep makes you more beautiful

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We looked at the interesting relationship between sleep and beauty in our blog It's called beauty sleep for a reason!

This blog looks a little deeper and shows how even the best concealer can't cover up a bad night. Yup, when it comes to sleep deprivation, your face don't lie.

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You sleep badly so often that you find it hard to remember what a good night's sleep felt like. When you look in the mirror you may have actually forgotten what your reflection used to show. The dark rings; the dull skin; the fine wrinkles... you write it off to age.

The truth is that you may look far lovelier simply by getting a bit more rest!

Research from a 2010 study showed that people are rated as healthier, younger and better looking when they are well rested.

You may have developed certain 'coping' strategies that help you find the energy you require to make it through the day. You conserve energy by doing as few self-care tasks as possible (like favouring a bun over blowdrying out your locks or going with the two-day shadow rather than having a fresh shave).

You don't look as good because you don't have the energy to invest in yourself and others notice.

Research from a 2013 study showed "that sleep deprivation affects features relating to the eyes, mouth, and skin, and that these features function as cues of sleep loss to other people," they said. "Because these facial regions are important in the communication between humans, facial cues of sleep deprivation and fatigue may carry social consequences for the sleep deprived individual in everyday life."

You use foods like sugar and caffeine to get you excited or into a task. You drink a strong coffee to wake up, a sugary cereal to get you out the door and continue snacking on foods that come in a wrapper to make it through your work day. You are dehydrated and running on fumes.

Eating badly will show on the outside and it doesn't take as long as you think.

One night of poor sleep followed by one day of bad eating shows itself in a bloated belly, puffy eyelids and grey skin. Get your best life and get your beauty sleep!

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