How to become a morning person

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If you are a lover of sleep and face each morning with DREAD then here are some pretty clever tips to get you bouncing out of bed in the morning.

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1. Phone a friend

If you can find a friend who is aiming for a similar get-up-and-go time then you could take turns to call each other first thing to a) wake each other up and 2) check they are up and doing what they are meant to. This may be getting ready for a run or finishing that important presentation...

2. Plan an enticing breakfast

The thought of fresh, hot coffee and a warm croissant may get you going quicker than knowing you will be eating the same cereal again... This may mean slicing off some more minutes of Zzzzzzz but if you prep the night before it shouldn't cost you too much time.

3. Jump out of bed and into the shower

A shower gets the blood flowing and loosens the night's drowsy grasp. Set out your school uniform or work outfit the night before to save time.

4. Get moving

The best time to exercise is in the morning... it stimulates your metabolism; does not interfere with your sleep cycle and sets you up for a happier day, thanks to those delicious endorphins. Hitting the gym may take far too long, but a run around the block, or 20 minutes of a home workout, is all you need to get the benefits of exercising in the morning.

5. Break it down to some beats

Play the most upbeat song you can handle. This will trigger memories of good times and get you out of bed happier than that dreaded dash for the sadistic alarm clock that is set on terrorizing you.


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