How to choose a life-long companion. Purchasing a mattress is no impulse buy.

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Mattresses can outlast a marriage. Yup, the average American marriage is said to last 8 years whilst the average mattress tends to stay around for 20 years. Purchasing a mattress should only be done after lots of thought and some solid advice. So before you commit to a bad mattress, here are five questions you can ask to increase your chances of happily ever after.

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1. What size should you choose? Consider what size your current mattress is and whether you share your bed. Also consider if you are willing to let go of your favorite bedding.

2. What is inside the mattress? There are so many materials available and that can make choosing boggling. "Comfort is different for everyone" so you will need to try the mattress out. Don't be fooled by jargon. You may find a foam mattress more comfortable then a highly specialised postural support mattress. Lie down on it for a while. You won't be able to tell just by looking at it or sitting on it. Is there a trial period? Can you literally sleep on your decision/purchase and see if it fits your needs. Check out the different options available at Sealy.

3. Does it come with a warranty/guarantee? Most reputable mattress manufacturers know that they make quality mattresses and are willing to back them up with a decent warranty. Sealy offers a warranty of 9 to 15 years on all its mattresses. This should give you some peace of mind especially when investing in your sleep! After all, your bed is the single piece of furniture where you will spend the biggest proportion of your life.

4. What care does it require? Turning is when the entire mattress is flipped regularly to prevent dongas and dents in the mattress. Most modern mattresses no longer require turning as they are designed to have a firm, bottom layer for postural support and a softer, top layer for comfort. Newer mattresses may require rotation every few weeks. This involves pivoting the mattress around on its axis so is not as physical as turning. Others require no care at all and are designed to conform to your body and sleep position.

5. What is the most you can spend? Consider comfort over cost. Saving a few hundred rand is probably not worth it over the next 20 years. Get the best mattress you can afford. Rather skimp on decor items and invest in the foundation of good sleep - your bed! Besides, with all that quality sleep you may find yourself working smarter and budgeting better with the result that your finances start looking healthier too!


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