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With the schools about to close and the festive season looming, it’s that time again to get the guest bedroom and bathroom spruced up. It makes me very proud and at ease to know that my guests are as comfortable as can be. I found an article on the TLC website, yes the American Discovery cable network titled: Introduction to Cleaning Bedding, it is an interesting read – not that I need any introducing to the science that is caring for mattresses. I learned from the best…

My grandmother taught Zane (my Zulu mother figure) and she taught me when I was a young girl. My English mother could not be bothered with the intricacies of keeping house, as long as her chardonnay was chilled, she was happy. My Zulu mother taught me that you can get just about any stain or smell off with bicarbonate of soda and was she right.

Armed with my yellow rubber household cleaning gloves (my oldest always says I look like Dexter’s mom), a toothbrush and my bicarbonate (as well as other commercial cleaning detergents) I tackled the guest bedroom and bathroom.

Early this year I had to wet clean theguest bedbecause my sister in-law’s son still wets the bed but nobody thought to tell me. I know, children will be children, and this incident prompted me to do something I had been putting off for a while. This time around all I had to do as part of the last clean up before guests arrive was vacuum the mattress and take a pre-emptive step of waterproofing the bed. Right after my nephew left I bought a heavy duty plastic bed cover to prevent any spillages making contact with the mattress (bed wetting included). In my 16 and a half years of parenting I have found that it is easier to clean sheets and bedding in general than it is to try and get stains out of the mattress.

My favourite time of the year just so happens to be the busiest too, which is a great thing because the more rugrats, family and friends I have around me, the better.

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