How to cope with Insomnia & recovery from Substance Abuse

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When you've counted every sheep on every prairie, tried all the natural herbs you can think of and read the novel on your bedside table from front to back cover in just one night, and you still can't get to sleep, you may be suffering from insomnia.

The next day, chances are, you feel tired, unable to perform to your usual standards, and generally weary and fatigued. Sleep problems do much more than affect your general mood or performance, however; they can also cause serious consequences if they are chronic, and can even lead to conditions such as depression and anxiety.

The problem can be particularly tough for those who are in recovery from substance abuse, since they may have relied on pills to sleep, they can find that their circadian rhythm cycles have been seriously disrupted by habits such as alcohol and cocaine use.

Sleep disturbance is unfortunately also considered a trigger for relapse into drug abuse, which is why it is vital that those recovering from addiction, do all they can to get their regular zzz's every night. For more advice regarding recovery from insomnia read the full article by Melissa Harrison, a writer and contributing editor at

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