How to fall asleep before your Big Day!

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The Big Day AKA the day you share your heart and home with another for the rest of your mortal lives is TOMORROW. How can you possibly think of sleep at a time such as this!?

But sleep you must... if you want to look and be at your best before you are immortalised in photographs of your wedding day forever... or at least for a few generations of mantel pieces, although the way social media is going it may well be forever!

Besides imagining how elated you will feel at winning your bride/groom and making it through the hurdles of wedding planning to actually have that first dance, you will also probably start to feel completely overwhelmed about what may lie ahead of you... travel, bond, puppy, baby, balding, bigger bond, old age, death... oi vey.

So how are you going to get to sleep before your big day and not be completely zonked out?

Here is the official 'Sleep Expert's Night Before The Big Day' Plan.

1. Work hard to accomplish those last minute Pinterest touches and then hand all your plans over to someone you trust. At 6pm delegate, delegate, delegate.

2. Walk away from the church/reception/venue and sing 'let it go.....'

3. Go for a 30 minute run/walk/swim to burn off any tension, get some endorphins and glowing skin. This will also trigger some sleep-enhancing physical fatigue.

4. Eat some roast turkey with potatoes and gravy followed by a handful of cherries and almonds. Do this alongside your delicious fiance if you can resist talking about the Wedding Plans.

5. Hop in a warm bath laden with Epsom salts (the magnesium will get you thoroughly relaxed).

6. Drink a glass of warm milk laced with 1 tablespoon honey and 5 drops rescue remedy.

7. Turn off your phone and set your alarm.

8. Write down anything that is still bothering you on a notepad that is next to your bed.

9. Pop on your eye mask and plug in your ear plugs.

10. Sleep sweetly.

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