How to get into Holiday Mode

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As I mentioned a while back, I'll be going on holiday out of the country for the first half of the festive season with plans to come back in time to ring into the new year on Durban sands. I'll be out of here in a week's time (don't worry, I'll do my best to schedule some fun posts for you.) I'm officially on holiday, in the past I've battled with switching off and getting into holiday mode, this is how I've done it over the years.Switch Off:

This took some years of being gainfully employed to learn. When I started working I was always eager to please and always ready to do over-time and weekends if needed. But After a while I needed to re-learn how to say no and how to be on a break. The best way to do this to switch off your work phone/email. It has to be done. Use a bikini mood-board to cover your work calender if you must, if you've met your deadlines then your work is done. Leave it alone.


I know this sounds a bit cutesy but it works! Compile all your current favourite songs into a neat little playlist and play it each morning during your work-outs or breakfast. Create a waking mood that reminds you of what's on the way -- that holiday/leave/getaway you've worked hard and saved up for.

Start Packing and Organising:

This is the ultimate excitement factor. Organising outfits for your destination, outfits according to the excursions you plan to take and then packing them all up.  This will make the holiday that much more real and its practical as it eliminates a task you have to do. Make outfit boards as you pack and keep a visual diary for your holiday. I think one of the big hotels has to invest in augmented reality app that lets future visitors play around with avatars of themselves in the hotel i.e an avatar of yourself by the pool at wearing an outfit that looks like one you want to pack for the trip.


The last step of getting into holiday mode is actually getting on a plane or bus or into a car and leaving for your destination. There's no better moment than sitting high up in the sky and muttering to yourself "eek! I'm actually going to x" You are also allowed to tell anyone who'll listen that you are indeed going on holiday as precursor to this step.

This is how to get into holiday mode according to me. How do you do it?

Happy Jetsetting!





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