How to have happier relationships – daily rituals that will make your life better

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If you have been fortunate enough to find some wonderful people to share your life with, then holding onto them should be high up on your list of priorities. We often put loads of effort into keeping our bodies healthy, our wallets wealthy and our bank balance bouncy, BUT what about those people who make our lives worth living? How do we go about looking after them?

Can we insure that they know we love them and know that they understand just how much we want to keep them around?

Google defines a ritual as a “series of actions or type of behavior regularly and invariably followed by someone.”

The beauty of a ritual is that although it starts as a relatively effortless, small action, it goes on to have lasting and great consequences. Brushing your teeth twice a day takes only a few minutes, but insures you avoid terrible pain and discomfort and hold onto your pearly whites for life. This blog looks at the little things you can do everyday to ensure you avoid the terrible pain and discomfort that can come from losing those you love the most.

Here is a list of daily rituals that could help you acquire and/or maintain your treasure trove of priceless people.

Habit 1-

Apologize quickly. If you slip up, acknowledge your error, say I am sorry (without excusing yourself or assigning blame elsewhere) and make a note to try and not do it again.

Habit 2-

Forgive quickly. If you are going to hold onto the wrongful actions of others, you can be sure they are not going to be quick to forgive you when your turn comes around. Holding onto grudges and resentment only means you won't be able to embrace those you love as your hands and heart are already full. Travel lighter- let go and forgive.

Habit 3-

Say 'I love you'. You can SMS it, Skype call it, Watsapp it, Snapchat it, Facebook messenger it... or say it to their face. Just make sure you say it at least once a day. Regular 'I love you's' create a positive emotional balance which helps us get through the tougher times when they come and they are sure to come.

Habit 4-

Make sure you touch them (not in a creepy way). Whilst saying 'I love you' is a good habit, it needs to be followed up by some loving actions. Touch is powerful and changes our hearts. A hug, holding hands, a back rub, a goodnight kiss, a pat on the head or sitting next to each other on the couch are all simple actions that shout love.

Habit 5-

Give them your attention. No one believes they are important to you if you cannot give them exclusivity. What this means is you need to spend a few minutes everyday with your loved ones with no distractions and no interruptions. Turn off the TV, put down your phone and engage with each other in a happy space, free from competition.

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