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When it comes to keeping bedding clean and as hygienic as it can be in my house I’m known as the General. Every second Friday I walk from one bedroom to the next collecting blankets and bedspreads to be washed. The Sheets and pillowcases, which hubby strongly believe we have too many of are washed and changed weekly – thanks mostly to the fact that I no longer have a bed-wetter in the house. Read on for some tips that I hope will help you keep your bedding clean

Though I machine wash and half machine-dry all my bedding I also give it some time in the sun. I remember when I got the pox as a child and my Zulu mother Zane – who mostly hand washed all our laundry anyway – washed my blankets, sheets and pillowcases and hung them out in the sun. She said it was to “kill whatever germs survived the water.” I also do the same. We are about the only house in the neighbourhood that has a clothesline that actually gets used.


Blankets and bedspreads:

I personally feel that washing this particular bedding on a bimonthly basis is reasonable. It’s not too frequent so it’s not like doing unnecessary work and it’s not too far and in between that dangerous germs actually build onto the bedding.

Depending on the material and size of the blankets or bedspread, they usually fit into washing machines, but if they’re on the big side maybe a trip to the laundry mat or a hand wash is what you need.

Now, with this extra cost of possibly outsourcing your blanket duties by going to the laundry mat might prevent you from washing them as often as you want, but when you do get to do it, make it a worthy trip.

If you have duvets among the bedding – I am notorious for stopping any duvet train before it leaves the retailer because I think duvets are too much work – be sure to always remove the inner. It’s better to clean it separately.  The good news is that because the inner is not exposed you can afford to wash it once a month.

I always use a fabric softer, to get the blankets nice and fluffy as well as for its odour boost. If your blankets and bedspreads can fit in the dryer use it or completely sun dry them.

Stay tuned for the guide to cleaning your sheets and pillowcases




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