How-to: Keep Bedding Clean 2

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I am one of those people whose lives were transformed when I saw Martha (Stewart) do that segment on Oprah on how to fold a fitted sheet. For that minute I had answers to most of the questions I’ve ever had about life and why we are here. Yes, when it comes to Martha I tend to be dramatic. On this second edition of the series on keeping your bedding clean I will be discussing the more intimate parts of your bedding; the sheets and pillowcases.

I’m very lucky that regardless of how hard I try my children are not white sheets people! They detest them, and each year when we buy bedding you will not find any of them with a white sheet or pillowcase. Ghost Busters bedspreads have been left at the till because they came with white sheets. My eldest son hates white sheets because for some reason he sweats litres and it leaves shadows on the sheets – that’s why he has that boyish figure. My youngest hates them because I can always tell if he didn’t scrub his feet properly during bath time or if he walked around barefoot after his bath. My daughter has just entered puberty, enough said.


This is the how-to bit

First of all, buy as high a thread count as you can afford without bankrupting yourself, buy cotton and buy a style that suits you; fitted vs flat.

As I have mentioned that the sheets in my household are of the rainbow, a simple bleach remedy simply will not do. I try to tailor my efforts to specific stains:

Sweat: use a homemade vinegar and water solution before washing

Blood: use bicarbonate of soda and water on the stain before you wash the sheet

Urine:  the bed wetting store has a long recipe on this, which works particularly well for removing urine stains and odours from mattresses.

 Removing grease and drool stains from pillowcases:

I use Handy Andy, a grease remover that is high in amino, it works great for me. I rub it on the grease spots and pre-soak the pillowcases.

I then warm wash the load of bedding, rinse with warm water, take it for  swim in fabric softer and then hang on the clothesline.  It is important to get it down before it is completely dry. I prefer to iron my bedding and fold it up, that’s why I have  a mini-linen closet in my house – to display rows upon rows of crisp sheets, even if I am the only one who nows and cares about it.

This is one of the many ways I get a great night’s sleep on my Sealy Posturepedic.

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