How-to: Leave Your Job

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Last week I blogged about letting go of relationships, friendships and jobs that no longer work for you. This then begged the question: 'how exactly do you leave a job?' With tough economic times and a job market that isn't hiring most people aren't even thinking about this. But for some, they've come to the edge. Uninspired and not motivated to do their work. As much as much as having a job pays the bills, it's also supposed to fulfill you on a much deeper level.

Some leave because their unfulfillment and job dissatisfaction  weighs on them more than the bills that need paying. Others, who are lucky, leave because they've found greener pastures. Then there are those who are told to leave. On this post I'm talking to the first two. These are the steps you can take to make sure that your departure  doesn't burn down any bridges.

1. Tell your boss

Maybe this is because I have valued all my employers for the opportunities they've given me and for all they've taught me but I think this is the highest courtesy you can show them. Speak to your immediate supervisor or head of HR and inform them of your decision.

2. Put it in writing

Write a professional letter stating your decision and reason if it's something to do with the company. Even if you're leaving because of workplace unhappiness, be professional in your letter. Don't burn any bridges or leave the company with a bad taste.

3. Give notice, work it and offer to help with recruitment

In some companies where there's a junior who's been trained they might get promoted to your position. This means you'll only have to work your contractual notice period. However, if they have to hire a new person it's prudent to offer with recruitment and training. This way you get a chance to pass on any projects you might have been working on. Always remember that you still need references.

4. Mind your social networks

Be mindful of what you post regarding your soon to be old job, employer and colleagues on social networks. Don't be that guy.

5. Say thank you

Even if nobody remembers your last day or throws you a "Later!" party. Take five minutes to thank your boss, direct supervisor or whoever for the opportunity. Thank them for the lessons experience.

Then go into the world; find your passion and live it.

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