How to Maintain Natural Hair as You Age

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My grandmother will always be my everything icon; from style to the way I carry myself. She was the only woman I remember consistently having natural hair (while my mother and aunts did perms and straightened theirs to suit fashions of the day)  during my youth. From her I leant about all the kinds of beauty; particularly the beauty of living as you are.

She would cut her hair short or let it grow out. I remember my cousins and i being impresses with how long it had grown while we watched her plait it into two big braids before bed. My grandmother wasn't like the other grandmothers who made their grandkids scrub dandruff from their scalps on Sundays after family lunches. As I've gotten older I think I see the lure of having someone delicately massage one's scalp, however.

This is what I do to take care of my natural tresses now that I'm also an old woman:


As a person who grew up washing her hair everyday and then went about 15 years with scheduled washes that wouldn't mess with my perms or relaxes or extension I had difficulty finding a washing routine that works best for me. After I took the plunge and did the big chop for about six months I was back to washing it everyday when I had a bath and that helped me regain my natural and original texture. Now I wash it every two weeks or more, if need be.


All I remember about castor oil is that when she wasn't making us drink it, my grandmother was putting it in her hair as a hot oil treatment. My oil choices include organic olive oil mixed with water for my daily spritzer, avocado oil and sometimes coconut oil used in my hot oil treatment I do every other month.

Natural oils are the best when it comes to moisturising natural hair.


Protect our hair against harsh conditions such as winter or moving to new places where the climate is different to what you are used to. When my hair is not in a protective style I always do the same plaits my grandmother did and wrap it up in a protective scarf before bed.

What do you have any tips on how to maintain natural hair as you age? Please share.


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