How-to: Pack For a Short Getaway

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Happy Thursday to all you Jetsetters!

Today is the last day of this very short or the last few hours standing between you and the long weekend. This is one of my favourite long weekends in the year as all I ever do is be with my loved ones and eat too much chocolate. But for the first time since high school I will not be at home for the festivities and too-much-eating. A few friends and I are heading down to the KZN coast to savour the last sunny days and swim to out hearts' content. I often get a lot of question about packing and how I choose what to take me on trips, so today I'll be sharing my tips for packing for a short trip

The first thing to do is check the projected weather for the duration of your trip. It no use packing the perfect winter clothes only to arrive to a heat wave at your destination. The second thing to do is check the duration of the trip. When you have all this variables filled start making your list of possible items and outfits.

My list was based on the activities we plan on doing on this trip:

1. Hiking

With hiking planned I obviously need to pack my hiking shoes; these will be the only shoes (aside from the sandals I'll be wearing) that I'm taking with me. I've also packed shorts and a t-shirt for this activity.

2. Beach Bumming

- Bikini x2

- Towel

- Big t-shirt instead of a sarong

- Shorts

3. Bonfire party

We've planned a party with another group of friends for the last night of the trip. I want to look cute on this day.

- Sun dress

- Light cardigan for the late night chill


- Sunglasses

iPod and dock. I'm always responsible for the music when we go away, everyone almost remembers the CDs they meant to bring when we arrive.

Total: Two shorts, two bikinis, two t-shirts, dress, sandals, hiking shoes, cardigan, beach towel and sunglasses.

Another trick is to pack double duty clothes out of which you can get at least two days' wear.

What are your plans for the long weekend?

Happy Jetsetting!

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