How to Save on Your Power Bill This Winter

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Judging by how cold the last few days have been: we spent Sunday reading under a blanket, we've mainly eaten soups and other hearty foods since Friday and I've been wearing only my new winter boots and tights to work so far this week -- winter's here.

With temperatures dropping it's almost expected that power consumption will rise thus increasing the amount we pay for our power. Luckily, for you, I'm a great friend and I've put together a few -- OK, a lot -- of options and tips that we can all use this winter to keep out power bills low. This will be particularly useful if your neighbourhood is the constant victim of load-shedding.

1. Avoid the heater. Heaters and air conditioners are always the first point most of us run to when it's the cold season. This multiplies the amount of power we consume, which in turn makes the amount of money we'll pay higher. According to an eskom report, heaters count for about 16% of the total energy bill.

You can use a gas heater instead of an electric one or the air-con...

2. The next item that consumes a lot of power is the geyser. I make it a habit to turn off the geyser each morning after my shower, be it winter or summer. Eskom also encourages turning of the geyser between 5PM and 9PM, as this is the peak time of power consumption.

I suggest using a kettle as a stand-in during geyser-off hours and boiling just the amount of water that you need to use.

Save on your electricity bill in the bedroom

1. Get yourself a small oil heater to warm up the space instead of using the air conditioner.

2. Layer the blankets. A good new blanket costs less than R300 and is quite cheaper than using the air-con.

3. A nice hot bath (after 9PM) not only helps me relax but also warms me up.

4. Make yourself a nice cup of herbal tea and sip it in bed with a good book. I'll help you wind down and get warm.

5. Remember to snuggle up. Be it to a partner or a hot water bottle. Both options are a great source of heat -- trust me, I know.

What are your winter essentials for the bedroom? Do they help you save on your power consumption?

Keep your bedroom warm and toasty this winter by snuggling up in your Sealy beds.

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