How-to: Shop for the perfect Sealy mattress

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For all my friends and friends of friends.

This has been a long time coming because ever since word got out that I was somehow involved with Sealy I've been getting all sorts of questions and request. It all started with friends and relatives phoning casually to ask how I am and then letting it slip that they were in the process of buying new beds and they were wondering if I could organise a discount or family price...

I could tell that most didn't believe me when I told them that I was only an ambassador for great sleep and a healthy active lifestyle. I'm certain that most of them have been waiting to hear that a luxurious Sealy bed has been delivered to my home so they pick the phone again and give me the well known playground special "ha!" But unfortunately for them, no such occasion has come up.

The other question that seems to come up a lot at stokvel meetings or during impromptu tea parties is "but how do I buy a bed that's best suited for me?"  All those that have posed this question to me will be pleased to learn that as said sleep, health and lifestyle ambassador described above I'm privy to some information. Consider this your personal guide.

What's Your Style?

First of all, you need to discover what mattress type is best suited for you. There are various types and makes such as:

InnerSpring mattresses are the most common build. They have springs in between padding.

Hypoallergenic memory foam mattresses are built to conform to your body and were made to relieve pressure points because they are made with high-density polyurethane.

If you wake up feeling you've just spent about eight and and half hours in boxing match with Mike Tyson (or inside a blender) in the morning or if your trusted bed sags from your weight it's more likely that it's time for a shopping trip as opposed to a treadmill session. Here are the top six shopping tips I've picked up:

  1. If you sleep with a partner, buy a size that will accommodate the both of you. King or queen sizes usually do it for couples.
  2. Drag your partner along so you can choose a model that suits you both. If you buy a model that's great for you but keeps your partner tossing and turning, you won't get any better sleep than they will.
  3. No such thing as sleep-geek speak! The more the coils, the better the support. More coils also mean better motion separation, great if you sleep with a partner.
  4. Ask for options that can cater to your ailments, such as a bad back or neck.
  5. Ask questions. Sales people are there for a reason. Ask what makes what one model different from another.
  6. Don't be afraid to do the 15-minute in store test. Simulate sleeping and sitting on the bed and see how it feels to you.
Happy shopping.


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