How-to: Sleep Better While Traveling

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I'm often asked how I manage to get quality sleep and relaxation in hotel rooms and varying timezones (read how do seem to be so relatively sane while living an erratic life.) I've addressed jet lag, which is the biggest hinderance against getting quality sleep here and here. But some people have travel sleeping problems that go beyond simple jet lag.

Though it sound impossible, considering the excitement that comes with air travel, try to get as much sleep as you need while flying. Avoid the lure of the movies and in-flight publications and get some shut eye when your body demands it.

A sleep and travel poll conducted on 2012 showed that "the majority of 1,004 adults polled by the National Sleep Foundation earlier this year said that they'd prefer their bedroom over a quality hotel room."

This figure is broken down this way 62% thought they pillows were better, 56% thought their sheets were the best and 55% preferred home because of their mattress, which they thought to be of superior quality. I can certainly understand this, especially since my bed is the best I've ever slept on.

When I got used to traveling I found that what helped me sleep the best (best as I could with jet lag lasting up to three days) was mimicking the same environment I had back here at home.

1. I always request a room without a television set or one in which I could unplugged the TV. I find that it's better to remove the temptation to stay up watching adult swim.

2. Ask for a wake up call  if you have an important appointment in the morning. When my waking up early and making it in time for a meeting is placed in somebody else's reliable hands I usually sleep better and more relaxed. Instead of waking up every two hours to check the time.

3. I always darken my room in the evening. My eye mask comes in handy if the curtains are too light. Dark rooms are conducive to me getting good sleep.

4. Bedtime rituals. I think this is one of the terms we use most on this blog. The body gets used to certain things and for me me it's a nice lavender hot bath with a lavender candle lit in the room. It relaxes me.

Most of all finally, stop stressing about it. As they yes most of it is in the mind.

Happy Jetsetting!

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