How to survive sleeping in the wild

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Bear Grylls' knows how to survive the great outdoors. I only caught a few shows from his hit TV series Man vs Wild, but what was clear is that this man was keen on surviving. He would eat tarantulas, drink his own urine and sleep inside a rotting camel's carcass if necessary. Was this really necessary? I still feel queasy just thinking about the idea.

Most of us are far removed from life/death survival scenarios. We a) live in cities and b) sleep indoors so our greatest survival struggles seem to occur only when there is load shedding and we suddenly have to go without a warm meal and TV. Thank goodness for all our battery operated Smart devices so we can document our ruined evenings!

In fact it was after a taste of load shedding myself that I started to imagine life without electricity. How long could my little family survive if the power never came back on? I thought about our electric gate, our alarm, the food we had in our fridge and cupboards. I thought about the traffic on the roads without any robots (although could we even fill up at service stations?) and the pandemonium in shops if we could no longer  swipe our cards on those delightful SASWITCH devices or draw our cash via ATMs. I thought of washing everything by hand and started to feel dread rise up in my chest.

I started wishing I had planted that veggie garden and gotten those chickens I always talked about. I wondered how long we could warm ourselves from the wood in our garden. I wished we had solar panels and a generator. A bicycle would probably be great too... I had mocked those can-collecting Dooms Day preppers but maybe they were onto something? And then the power came back on bringing with it a host of things to do and get done.

So whether you find yourself needing to survive the great outdoors Bear Grylls style or just want to be prepared in the case of a blackout, stay tuned for some Sleep Survival tips gone wild in the weeks to come.

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