How to work faster

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The best ways to get the job done... quicker.

1. Just start. Now.

Stop putting it off or talking about doing it and do it. How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. Tackling a mammoth task in small 15 minute increments will get you to the end faster than trying to find 12 hours to kill it in one go.

2. Give yourself the freedom to get it wrong.

This will give you the chance to get at least some things down on paper that could be worth keeping. Don't let fear of failure or producing bad work paralyse you. Just give it a go with low expectations. If you get stuck, ask for help sooner rather than later. Why struggle unnecessarily on your own?

3. Draw, don't type.

Writing and drawing are incredibly stimulating activities. They make your brain light up like a Christmas tree. The more brain power you use the quicker you should come to a solution. Write a list of possibilities or draw a diagram for 5 minutes to help you get going in the right direction faster.

4. Set yourself up to succeed

Spend a little time setting up your office so that it works for you. The right lighting, ventilation and postural support go a long way in keeping you motivated.

5. Quality in, quality out

You need to feed the machine - make sure you are well fed and hydrated and do not plan to start working when you know you will already be exhausted. Reward yourself with regular down time and make sure your heart is full. Remember that work-life balance and all...

Want some more tips? Check out this infographic found on by Funders and Founders.

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