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You know me as The Corporate Climber, and I'm a procrastinator. Well, when it comes to matters relating to my home, and personal matters as my mother would tell you, her longest standing theory for why I don't have a partner. She has become open to the idea of a civil partner as opposed to husband. I believe she's banking on the hope that when I find the man I'm willing to have as a civil partner I'll fall so hard I'll marry him on the spot. Well, a lavish spot that'll take at least three months to book, surrounded by 350 of our closest friends.

In my capacity as procrastinator I've put off redoing my kitchen but I'm thinking about it more often lately.

For the almost-three years I've been living in this house my kitchen has been in a bit of a dismal state. Yes, I make do and I don' starve, but when I know the kitchen in my mother's house, the very kitchen that used to be my father's favourite place I am depressed by the  stove, fridge and breakfast table clad area I call a kitchen.

When my dad and I sat in the small kitchen of my first one bedroom flat we spent hours discussing how beautiful my own real kitchen would be. How he'd help me choose the breakfast table and spend every weekend (the ones I'd allow him of course) cooking in it and making it smell the way a kitchen and home should.

This has been the reason I've put off redoing that part of my house, it was supposed to be our thing. Though I'm not sure I'm ready to start work on it our friends over at The Furnishing Touch have been really helpful with tips and ideas. Upon consulting their number one source of inspiration I found great inspiration.

I know that based on outward appearances, my demeanour and the rest of my house most interior decorators would immediately recommend this design:

Chelsea Loft contemporary kitchen

I have to admit that the above design is lovely, clean and is a  minimalist take on things but it's hardly what I have in mind for my home's heart. What have in mind is warm, colourful, welcoming and lived in. The kind of space I can have my morning coffee while curled up on a window seat (a window seat is a true must!) Or make a midnight snack with my eyes closed.

My thoughts are more along the lines of:

Historic Farm House Kitchen contemporary kitchen
German-style Bank Barn Conversion traditional kitchen
French Normandy Kitchen traditional kitchen
where did you find the design inspiration for your kitchen?

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