I BELIEVE in The Power of Superfans

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As I write this to you my ears are still ringing from all the screams of friends who went to see the Biebs at Cape Town stadium on Wednesday. Confession time: my sister is also a Belieber who hides all her fever behind her kids' fever. She got a rude awakening when everyone around her didn't buy her routine of wanting to buy tickets to the concert under the guise of giving the kids a chance to experience JB live. "They are too young." We all said. "They couldn't survive the hysteria." Her husband offered. "They have the DVD. Let them watch that." My mother encouraged. And in the end she ended up missing out because she could not own up to her fever.

Some fans were at the stadium 16 hours prior waiting in line to be the first ones in the stadium. Golden circle tickets-holders wanted to be as close to the stage as they could. Last year I had friends do the same while waiting for Lady Gaga. All the Little Monsters and Beliebers had to keep the going in their wait was the music. And they hysterics, nervous laughs and vomiting in anticipation.

I predict that the same will happen in October with the Navy. Rihanna will be playing Soccer City and Cape Rown stadium as part of her Diamonds World Tour. I foresee hours and hours of members of the Rih Navy singing Diamonds and Pour it up while waiting in line. Their leader being notorious for starting shows late I predict another two hours of the fans serenading themselves inside the venues.

This brings me to my favourite fandom: the Beyhive. Each year when a new Beyoncé tour is announced African Hive members lament the fact that their Queen has excluded them yet again but they keep the hope alive that her next "world" tour will actually include the entire world. Then proceed to "Yaaaassss" at pictures of her from performances (current being the Mrs. Carter Show) and tell the other fandoms to Bow Down to the King, B.

Jo'burg Beliebers it's your turn on Sunday. I hope you're ready to Believe!


Cheers to the superfans!

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