iDream – A great Sleep App for your smart phone! Download it now.

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A good friend of mine suggested I give the iDream Sleep Maker app a try.

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**For those of you who do not know it yet, your fancy phone is called an android phone and it can download applications known as 'apps' that provide certain services such as banking, weight-loss tips or games to play. You need to use the internet (your data or a wi-fi connection) to download them. Some apps are free whilst others need to be bought.**

I have an inquisitive, determined toddler who does not like sleep. She wakes if the washing machine changes cycles or the door bell rings or the dog barks. I do not like this.

This FREE app gives you a choice of various background noises from Ocean Surf to Brown Noise (my fav). These ambient noises seem to soften the blow of the other loud household noises and so helps my daughter stay in a deeper sleep for longer. I like this.

And it's not just for kids. I have also given it a try. Compared to my standard issue earplugs, it is far more comfortable and seems more efficient at keeping me asleep. It's also a lot more relaxing and romantic than wearing my lumo yellow foam plugs!

What I also really love is the clock setting that allows you to choose how long you want it to run... anywhere from 1 minute to 12 hours. This helps you save your battery power. So far, it does not seem to be a huge drain on power, but granted I have only used it for a maximum of 2 hours to cover my daughters nap or for the first hour at night that I am trying to fall asleep but their are trolls marching around my house.

Whilst the sound effects are obviously not as good as the real thing (sleeping at the base of a waterfall or lying in bed with a thunderstorm outside) they do come pretty close. Give it a try now. Download it here for free!

** P.S: It seems there are more great Sleep Apps out there. I am hoping to give them a try. If you're also keen to get better sleep click here to see their reviews.


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