I’m Having a Dinner Party!

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Sort of.

A couple of my friends from university and I recently went out to lunch to celebrate our impending graduation ceremony. During this (three-hour) lunch of catching up, good food, wine and laughter we had a great spark of genius and started making plans. From the moment we sat down we all agreed that we didn't do this often enough and by the time the first hour was up we'd all agree to host a "dinner party" each -- for the next six months.

It's a wonderful idea but I'd honestly thought that I'd start hosting people in my home in my late 20s but alas the good food and good company bug has bitten far too soon.

It was decided that I'd be the one to host the first get together because my landlady is only my sister who wouldn't actually kick me out of the cottage if the party gets loud. And we'll be able to gauge our noise levels easily with her. Another reason I'd been chosen to go first is that a couple of my friends have never been to my new place so they thought it would be another treat.

So there you have it, next week Thursday I'll be hosting an anti-Valentine's dinner for nine friends two of whom are a couple.

Aside from the obvious "what to cook that isn't pasta" dilemma I also had a seating problem until my sister suggested a picnic in the back garden, which we'll move into my cottage's living room/kitchen space if the weather changes . The floor can take at least 20 people.

Any decor and recipe ideas you might be willing to share? The dessert and drinks are convered.

Cheers to the weekend!

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