I’m With Liz: When one is Good, one is Good

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When you are my girl Liz and have been at the throne of the British monarchy 60 years -- the second longest reigning Monarch -- it's a given that when you celebrate your Diamond Jubilee brands will be all too willing to help you celebrate. I'm over not being asked to come to the celebrations, the concert was a bit on the sigh side of things. It was still #BOSS though.

Google usually makes doodles of important days and dead men, mostly dead men. But not on 2 June 2012. Nope. My girl Liz was the only person ( a living woman) that Google could think to doodle. Well she and either Holly, Willow or Monty.

A limited edition Ma'mite package was designed to mark the occasion, which is fitting since Marmite is as British as they come. The bottle bearing a crown and short message "Toasting The Queen's Diamond Jubilee."  The print ads feature corgis. The Ma'mite brand was so far gone on the idea they even set their famous slogan to The Queen's key: from "Love it or hate it" to "One either loves it or one hates it." More details over here on this nook called adweek.



Kellogg's took the opportunity to take us all back 6o years with a packaging throwback to the 1950s. The packages feature  authentic Kellogg’s drawings dating back to the period when my girl Liz first became Queen. According to this site the  boxes will be on sale for a limited time only from 22 April 2012 to 25 June 2012.

My most favourite brand hats off/nod to Liz on this wonderful milestone by far has to be the one done by Pantone and Leo Burnnett. They came up with a Diamond Jubilee colour guide featuring The Queen's favourite colours and fashion highlights. Some of the colours included on the guide are her favourites Primrose Yellow (as worn at William and Kate's wedding), Crystal Blue, Pink Carnation and ice green.

Awesome pastels

The next time you hear that my girl is out and about listen to the announcer , they will be sure to mention what she's wearing, take note.




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