Innovation in Air Travel

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This week I came across a report on that was complied profiling  the 10 most innovative airlines and I must admit that I'm impressed. Often I spend my time looking for the best flight prices and great deals/packages on flights but sometimes -- when that misty-eyed dreamer comes out to play -- I look for the luxurious and downright ridiculous airlines. IPads, rebranding and mobile luggage tracking are a few of the innovative features.

My three favourite innovations on the list are the following:

1. Korean Air #1

This airline comes in at number one on the list, it is acknowledged that the airline rarely makes it onto the "World's Best Airlines." It has recently revamped its Prestige Lounge at Incheon airport to cater better to its female clientele comprising of a sleeping room, restroom and powder room. I like the thought of their coat service, which allows travelers who are going to a warmer destination to leave their coats at the Incheon airport for up to five days.

All the in flight meals are organic. The airline has an organic farm that supplies vegetables and meat for the first and business class. Korean Air planes also have the lowest seat density.


2. airBaltic #9

This is Jetsetter bliss! AirBaltic's "Seatbuddy" system sounds like my kind of thing. I can't help picturing spending a 15-hour flight next to somebody who cares about the same things as I do, say Bobbi Brown or Jackie Burger. Instead of a scruffy (not in the adorable Ryan Gosling way) guy that'll fall asleep on my shoulder and drool on it.

Happy thoughts.

With the "SeatBuddy" system passengers choose if they want to sit next to a person with the same or different interests.

Passengers are able to shop through the airline's travel megastore. From hotel room bookings to slops (but seasoned jetsetters like us take care of those before we get on the plane.) But find me a serious shopper that can ignore a good deal. AirBaltic's megastore often runs sales, yes SALES! It also serves organic meals and has its own taxi service.


3. British Airways #2

To Fly, To Serve. British Airways' innovation is mostly introspective, it refurbished and renovated its fleet and has invested in its employees. With iPads for the for the crew, which makes it easy for them to access passenger information. There's a "golden ticket" incentive to reward outstanding customer service. In the end customers benefit from a motivated and well-equipped crew. Innovation that betters customer service is my favourite kind.


What's the most innovative airline feature you've experienced?

Happy Jetsetting!


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