Inside Careers: Glossies

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I love my magazines! As a fashion lover, student, future practitioner/activist and general liker of things an addiction to fashion magazines is something that goes with the territory. I see a future for myself in the world of magazines but it took me a while to see after I realised that with my shyness and height (and general disinterest in learning to pose H2T) I would not be on the cover...

A small percentage of the world's population will end up on the cover of magazines. Though covers more often that not have a great impact on what issues sell best, actual cover stars contribute very little to magazines. Here's who brings magazines to life:

1. Editor

This is captain my captain, the head that wears the crown and has the final word on every photograph, comma and page numbering. The second in command, the junior editor is responsible for ensuring that all material gets to the editor as print ready as possible. Every department has a head editor and deputy editor.


These are the geniuses that suggest and  pull an issue together. They keep their eyes on trends and ears to the ground. The features editor decides which writer handles which story and who to interview.

3. Fashion and Beauty

This is where the trendy stylistas work. They conceptualise the fashion pages and choose which products to feature. The biggest part of their job in maintaining relationships with designers, retailers and spotting talent.

4. Sub-editors

Ever wondered where in the fashion/magazine world prefects and general sticklers end up? This is where you'll find them. Fact-checking, dotting Is and dealing with stray apostrophes.

5. Art and layout

These guys make sure the photographs look great, that the general balance of the issue is in order. They are the pretty makers. An art director and designers hold this department down.

I hope the next time you pick up a magazine you see it  as more than just "Katy Perry's got green hair!"

Cheers to the weekend!


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