Is the Apple watch featuring the Sleep++ App for you?

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Apple watches are everywhere!

How did this happen you may ask? Well, it all boils down to the money...

About 10 years ago, the public health sector did the maths and worked out that it was far cheaper to promote wellness and provide citizens with health promoting opportunities then deal with the medical burden brought on by diseases of lifestyle- hypertension, diabetes and heart disease were costly to treat and even costlier when they resulted in surgery, disability and death.

Enter 2016 and the private health sector have caught up and medical aids are realising that they can limit their members medical claims by giving them incentives to live better lives. Despite the cost of providing gym memberships and discounts on healthy foods the medical aid lands up with a healthier bottom line thanks to its members eating and exercising better. These same members go on to avoid these disease of lifestyle which is a huge saving to the medical aid scheme.

Enter the Apple watch and the Sleep ++ App.

It is well known that great sleep = great health and so it is not surprising that medical aids are now promoting good sleep to their members. Wear the designer wrist watch and meet your personal wellness goals (such as sleeping 7,5 hours or walking 10 000 steps) and it is yours for free. Miss your targets and you shall pay... real money from your real bank account at the end of each month.

Like the TomTom Spark, the Apple watch is worn while you sleep and records both the duration and quality of your sleep. By using the Sleep ++ app you are able to track your sleep states and view sleep graphs so that you can see how much sleep you are getting and when is your best sleep.

sleep graph copy sleep summary copy

Information is power! Use the graphs to make adjustments to your routine to improve your sleep. Alternatively, take them along with you to the doctor the next time you go for a check up.

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