Is the TomTom Spark with sleep tracker for you?

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In 2014, The Sealy blog featured the Azumio SleepTime App that kept track of your sleep onset, duration and quality via placing your android phone under your sheet near your pillow. The hassle was that your phone needed to be fully charged (or have access to power) and it needed to be able to connect to the internet for the app to run successfully. There were also concerns about how smart it was to sleep with your Smart phone so close to your head.

Enter 2016 and the folk at TomTom have ironed out these kinks launching the TomTom Spark- a lifestyle product that aims at keeping you informed and motivated to live better. The TomTom Spark is worn like a wrist watch, but does everything from keeping the time to tracking your heart rate, sleep activity and daily activity (such as calories consumed and number of steps taken). The feature making most folk grab one? It's ability to play back 500 songs via wireless headphones allowing commuters, gym bunnies, runner and cyclists to leave their Smart phone at home.

It is obviously far easier to wear a wrist watch while going through your day and exercising than keeping track of your mobile phone. However, not all fashion forward folk may want to wear a bulky, rubbery watch all day. It is designed for usability, not to impress your friends. At night, when tracking sleep the watch is far safer than the use of a Smart phone under your pillow but it may be less comfortable for sensitive sleepers. What is unclear is if the watch needs to be paired with wi-fi during the sleep mode. Exposure to wi-fi during sleep is not highly recommended, however, wi-fi is viewed as 'safe' by the WHO, and use of the watch would be seen as less of a health risk than use of a Smart phone next to your head.

The watch is charged by removing the electronic box from the strap via a USB cable. How long this takes and how convenient this is, is still unclear. Additionally, the watch is NOT waterproof and so cannot be be worn when swimming, bathing or showering. This makes tracking your activity 24 hours a day unlikely. The idea would be to wear the watch as and when needed ie. as you go to sleep and then pairing it with your Smart phone in the morning to create a record of how your sleep is doing. It is also unclear if the sleep analysis features heart rate, movement and phase of sleep as the Azumio Sleep App did.

Want to find out more? Go here for a full review of the watch and each of its functions as well as a list of other products that achieve similar results..


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