It’s Leap Day, Dear

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My mother is as traditional as women get. She was a housewife; that was her job and her contribution to the family. She cleaned, changed diapers and signed all the cheques that left the house. My father drove when we went out, he opened the door for her and he closed it after her. That was their dynamic, that’s who my mother is. She’s not very pleased that I work, that I am unmarried and that I don’t have a child – but she accepts it. She realises that I am more like my father than I am like her. So I was surprised by what she had to say when she phoned me on Monday.

At first we spoke about nothing in particular such as: “Are you in bed?” When I replied: “yes mother, it is bedtime.” She went on to ask me why I answered the phone then if I was I was courting sleep. Had this woman forgotten that I had caller ID and that because I know that she knows my schedule better then I do, I trust her to phone during bedtime only if it’s an emergency?

She was quick to change the subject: “Speaking of courting, you enjoyed your date with  Swimming Coach, didn’t you?” She said his full name in a tone that sounded like she’d only called him tall, dark, handsome and in possession of great genes.

Yes, the date was lovely, he is funny and witty. We have enough things in common to talk longer than two hours and we’re so different that we could talk for hours more. When she said why she had phoned I burst out laughing so loud that I suspect I broke her speaker.

She suggested that I should propose marriage to him on the 29th of February; “snatch him up before he is taken”, she said. She said it was right up my alley what with all my independent woman beliefs and actions. I thought the woman I love more than any other had totally lost the plot!

I woke up this morning and figured that maybe my mother had a point, never before in my relationship history had I initiated much. I don’t think I had ever vocally and consciously ended a relationship either, I always drifted away. So I phoned Swimming Coach and asked him out on a date, this Friday we’re doing a movie and dinner – high school style.

What did you do for Leap day ladies?

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