It’s a jungle in here: Part 1

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The jungle room: "Just don’t buy the cover or the teddy bears, they’re for babies,” he said with the serious look he got when I rocked him to sleep as a toddler, back when he was a sweet innocent boy.

The seasons are getting warmer and warmer, and with that comes spring cleaning time, which I have been putting off for a while now for the sole reason that not only do we have to vacuum under the beds, dust in the corners and wash the big blankets so we can put them away – I can do that in my sleep – there’s also a bedroom makeover that’s imminent.

The youngest Mister turned eight-years old this year and has been looking forward to saying goodbye to his “baby room” as he calls it. A couple of weeks ago the carpenter came by to take measurements and all I could think was “I’m not ready!” Of course young Mister can’t wait to be rid of everything, he even went as far as to find an orphanage to donate the furniture and accessories to.

He decided on a jungle theme, cute as it may be, I remember the horror all too well when my first born, at 14 decided that his beloved Sea World-themed bedroom was too babyish. So being the sneaky and experienced mama I am I showed him this picture:

He called the room the tree-room, not a jungle; yes I have raised a smart boy. We eventually agreed on painting the walls green, the ceiling a starry dark night and painting a mural where the headboard should be instead of getting one, besides, he wont need one as he is moving to the high life of eight-year-olds that bunk beds can offer. As much as I love my children, over the years I’ve had to turn down a lot of Disney-themed ideas – the problem with Disney is the fact that there’s a new “must-have” every six months.


He vacated the room in the past week when the carpenter began putting in the new built-in chest of drawers and the painter began work on turning the ceiling into a starry night – a Harry Potter trick, this Domestic Goddess is über excited about.





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