It’s a jungle in here: Part 2 (How I found a piece I’ve been seeking for 15 years)

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The Irish lovely....

The big jungle renovation hasn’t been easy; in fact it has turned out to be quite the undertaking because young Mister has his own ideas of how he wants his space to look. This has proven to me that style and a love for comfortable and personalised pieces is hereditary – I long for the day he has his own place and money to cater to his eclectic taste. Hubby insists that our cars will be homeless because young Mister will be occupying the garage as his “creating space”, I vote for a studio flat. On a golfing trip to the Western Cape hubby was following a lead on a chest, which would have been a replacement bookcase and would been given to young Mister for Christmas, when he found a 1m X 1m thing of beauty – at the risk of sounding a bit melodramatic – my life was complete

Finding accessories that complement a jungle themed room is very hard; tracking down a green bean bag was a mission. Lucky for me my insistence that we support a local business that sells refurbished school furniture sparked a whole new idea in my son, suddenly he wanted us to visit the local ‘second chance’ store to look around for a couple of lamps.

In keeping with the jungle theme hubby found a one-bunk bunk bed that’s wooden and will also give young Mister the “I’m King of the world!” feeling.

With a new room comes the most hassle-free part – a trip to buy a new Sealy bed

Another Harry Potter trick, so I’m told, was using the old trunk we found in my mother’s garage as a book chest. In his own words: “It doesn’t have many secret compartments and it’s definitely not Moody’s magical trunk, but I can still pretend it is.”I take solace in knowing that he finds all his Potter-universe pearls in the books, not so much the movies. Yes, I did read the part where Hagrid tells Harry that his parents were wizards over 20 times the first time around.

Moody's bookcase


Quote for the day: “Your space [home] must rise up to meet you” – Oprah



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