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I'm very excited to be writing this post and I know most you will be excited to read it too. This post is about chocolate and why it's good for you. As a lover of the bean myself I was happy to discover these benefits. If none of these benefits impress you, there will still be the fact that it tastes great.

Natural Anti-depressant

Most people often reach for chocolate or chocolate based snacks when they in a bad mood or feeling down. There is some science behind that. It contains serotonin, which is a natural anti-depressant and it stimulates endorphin production, the happiness and pleasure hormone. In some instances chocolate has been found to give feelings of pleasure that last longer than a passionate kiss. As we all know serotonin is good for your sleep life as well.

High in Antioxidants

According to this WenMD article chocolate is a high source of antioxidants, which counteract free radicals. Free radicals have been found to a constant presence in heart disease diagnosis  and other diseases.

Your Heart and Chocolate

The sweet stuff is said to reduce LDL cholesterol by up to 10 percent. It also has high ant-inflammation properties that assist in the reduction of one's cardiovascular risks. The antioxidants in cocoa are good at cleaning up arteries.

Your Brain and Chocolate

This article says: "any studies have shown that dark chocolate is good for the brain. Researchers at Johns Hopkins University found that it can protect the brain after a stroke by shielding the nerve cells from further damage. Dark chocolate has also been found to improve memory." 

Like all good things in life, this chocolate goodness has its terms and conditions:

  • Dark chocolate is your best bet to get these benefits because it is as close to the bean's original integrity and nutritional benefits you can get.
  • White chocolate is overly processed and therefore has none of these benefits.
  • Dark chocolate with nougat or caramel fillings is mostly fat and sugar, with very little of the benefits in it.
  • If you're one to wash your chocolatey goodness down with milk, stop. Research has proved that milk makes dark chocolate lose some of its antioxidant power.
Don't wait for Valentine's or your birthday, go out there and get yourself some chocolate.


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