It’s called beauty sleep for a reason – Sleep more, age slower!!

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Our mothers (and grandmothers and great grandmothers) were right.

Sleeping well makes you more beautiful!

happy girls copyScience is proving what they told us and showing how sleep deprivation not only makes us look haggard today but makes us age faster on the outside as well as on the inside.  Here's how sleep and beauty are intertwined.

1. Red & Puffy - Lack of sleep increases cortisone levels and inflammation in your cells.  This causes redness, itchiness and puffiness. Its not only your eyes that take strain - it's every cell in your body that becomes irritable.

2. Sad & Sleepy - Lose sleep and you will lose your sparkle. We make happy hormones such as dopamine and seretonin while we sleep. Less sleep, less happy. Audrey Hepburn famously said: "Happy girls are the prettiest" and its true. Feel good and you will look good too. For more see Too Sad To Sleep.

3. Old & Wrinkly - We always blamed wrinkles on sun exposure and pollution and bought into expensive beauty regimes to try and protect our skin and delay damage. What we didn't know is that what we put into our bodies and how much we rest has as much impact on how and when we develop wrinkles. Cosmetic power house Estee Laude released data in May 2013 describing how women who slept 5 hours a night for a month had twice as many wrinkles and sun spots than women who slept 7 hours or more. Their research also showed that women who sleep less are slower to recover from sunburn and more prone to long-term sun damage.

4. Fat & frumpy - It's well documented how lack of sleep disrupts your body's hunger satiety cycle. Lack of sleep causes increased cravings and decreased ability to feel full and satisfied. You are also less likely to feel like exercising and if you over-ride this fatigue and exercise anyway, you are more likely to pick up an injury.

So do everyone a favour, get that beauty sleep!





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