It’s Earth Day!

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Hello friends!

It's the 22nd of April, which means it's been a year since the last Earth day. It's probably too late in the day to do big projects to commemorate but if you have any in mind save them for tomorrow or the weekend because Earth day is everyday. We should always be grateful to the Earth and replenish the environment whenever we can. Here are some projects you can still do today to celebrate Earth day and be planet earth friendly.

1. It's Monday!

Which means it's meat-free Monday. Prepare a delicious meal made with organic ingredients that come from responsible and fare-trade farming. This not only supports a healthy diet but it also makes one aware of the meat one consumes on non-meat-free days. Buying organic encourages ethical farming, ethical treatment of animals and fair-trade ensures that farmers and communities get paid fairly and that the surrounding environment is taken care of. Eat meat-free today and investigate where your food (especially meat) comes from for tomorrow and the future.

2. Investigate Recycling

Information is empowerment and it's always a good idea. You don't have to commit to anything but investigate your options in your community and at work. Find out if there are organisations who make the process of recycling easier. This is a positive step toward choosing a planet Earth friendly lifestyle.

3. Clean up litter

Be it at home or at work. Pick up litter that's lying around and dispose of it properly. If recycling is something you're already doing or keen on starting the sort the rubbish into recycling friendly piles and bin them accordingly. Get your kids and neighbours to help you by picking up litter in the neighbourhood this evening.

4. Communal Commute 

Walk home or use public transport this evening. You'll save on petrol and save the environment.

5. Work toward a bigger goal

Plan a project for the rest of the year: be it a greening project in your neighbourhood or a recycling project and your children's school or at work. Be it trying to use 5% less electricity at home or using public transport as often as you can. Small changes allhelp the cause but small changes more often are even better.

What did you do for the planet today?



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